About Dr. Daisey

Dr. Daisey Kent MSc, ND is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor through the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia, CNPBC, http://www.cnpbc.bc.ca.

As a graduate student Daisey developed a strong appreciation and respect for research, but she felt that there must be many unknown exceptions to the rules of science. Her graduate research was in the field of epigenetics; specifically, she examined the proteins that package DNA during early embryonic development and how that leads to epigenetic phenomenon; genes, the blueprint for life, are not always expressed (or made into life) as expected. Environment strongly affects the expression of genes. Lifestyle, including what we eat, what we do, what we think, even what we believe can alter what genes are expressed. For more on the role of epigenetics in health, visit Bruce Lipton.

Knowing the importance of lifestyle on our genetic expression and thereby our future health led Daisey to Naturopathic Medicine.

After completing her Master of Science, she began her education at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, which included an intense 4 years with 1 year of clinical internship at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic and 2 satellite clinics; Queen West Community Clinic, http://www.ctchc.com; serving residents of the Queen West catchment area, including a population struggling with addictions and poverty and Anishnawbe Health Toronto, http://www.aht.ca; a centre devoted to serving Aboriginal people with Traditional Aboriginal practices at its core.  

Part of Daisey’s enthusiasm for health, includes the health of our planet. As Doctor as Teacher, she strives to live by example. She is committed to living sustainably in partnership with nature. This includes commuting by bicycle, being a mindful consumer and pursuing local food sources. She loves spending time in nature; whether hiking, camping, cycling, foraging, or hugging trees.