Spring Time Detox

Why Spring cleaning should extend beyond your home…

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It’s the ideal time to support your liver and gallbladder in cleaning out your body. In Chinese Medicine philosophy, the transition in seasons relates to a transition in energy from different organ systems. Winter is considered “water” time or the period of dormancy, when our kidneys and urinary bladders (our essence) should be supported. We build up our stores, through rest and warm nourishing foods throughout the winter. Spring is “wood” time, when our livers and gallbladders become more active, which makes it the ideal time for cleansing.

Consider the saying “April showers bring May flowers”  – your body deserves a cleaning or shower to prepare it to blossom or flower. By supporting change during this time of year, you will be empowered to move forward and emerge in optimal health for summer.

 If you’re considering a cleanse at this time of year, check in with your Naturopathic Doctor for an efficient, individualized plan tailored to meet your needs.