Wherever you are on your path to health, let me assist you on your way.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Healing is to make whole. It seems we spend our entire lives in the process or on the path to making ourselves whole. Like all of nature, healing is innate to life. We all have the power to heal, the ability to travel along that path. Obstacles may occur that prevent or slow us down. Lets work together to uncover those obstacles and work at clearing them away.

Through the use of an integrated holistic approach, involving a comprehensive clinical intake, including a focused physical exam and required lab investigations, an appropriate treatment plan can be developed that may include any or all of the following modalities; traditional chinese medicine (including acupuncture), hydrotherapy, nutrition, botanical medicine and homeopathy. The care of a naturopathic physician will empower you in your healing journey.

For more on Naturopathic Medicine and on me, please explore the site’s other pages.

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